Vajiram & Ravi Geography Optional (Shabbir Sir) Handwritten Class Notes-2018


Vajiram & Ravi Geography Optional (Shabbir Sir) Handwritten Class Notes-2018(latest)

These are written by a student of Shabbir Sir (Vajiram & Ravi)

It covers Paper I & Paper II, This notes  updated till October 2018(latest)

It has 6 booklets:

Topics covered:

  • Geomorphology
  • Climatology
  • Oceanography
  • Bio Geography
  • Environmental Geography
  • Perspectives in Human geography
  • Population geography
  • Cultural Setting
  • Settlement Geography
  • Regional Development Planning
  • Models Theories & laws in Human Geography
  • Indian Physiography
  • Land Resources
  • Water Resources of India
  • Energy Resources
  • Agriculture
  • Industries
  • Energy

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Photocopy B/W


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